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On the right is an example of some veils, tiaras, jewellery, and petticoats that I have available, which you can click on to see larger images. I have a much bigger selection with me on the road. If you would like to see more, please give me a call for a no-obligation appointment. All of the veils are made from the finest English tulle, which is soft and hangs beautifully. Only top-quality materials go into Heading Up products – Swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls.

Heading Up


Veils are my biggest sellers, and you can see why. I cover all the bases in terms of design and as everything is made to order, you can be flexible on your colours and sizes. Veiling is from an English supplier and of the highest quality.


Commercial styles include side sprays, bands and traditional tiara shapes, my tiaras sell really well. The collection includes all of the basics as well as some more original designs, all at fantastic prices. As with all of my other products, the tiaras are handmade in England with high quality materials.

Wedding Belts

The newest addition to the Heading Up! collection, belts have proved to be real winners. Perfect for making a dress really special, each one is made in England and available in any size you require.

Blue Ribbon Petticoats

I am proud to carry Blue Ribbon Petticoats as part of Heading Up! They are filling a much needed gap in the market, covering all of the current dress shapes. Made with high quality materials, and each one carrying a small blue bow, they look great too!

Petticoats by Blue Ribbon

Blue Ribbon Petticoats

Petticoat BR5Petticoat BR25Petticoat BR24Petticoat BR16Petticoat BR12Petticoat BR9

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Blue Ribbon Cap Sleeves

These stunning new detachable lace cap sleeves are great for strapless dresses. They simply fit on with hooks and are adjustable too!

Cap Sleeves

Lace Cap Sleeve CS7Lace Cap Sleeve CS6Lace Cap Sleeve CS5Lace Cap Sleeve CS3Lace Cap Sleeve CS2Lace Cap Sleeve CS1

Blue Ribbon Shrugs

We are so pleased that Blue Ribbon have added shrugs and jackets to sit alongside their popular petticoat range. With lots of different styles and the usual flexibility of colour, size and fabric, we are sure you’ll love the range as much as we do!

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Blue Ribbon Shrugs


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