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Launched in September 2011, the Blue Ribbon Shrug range has been a real winner with brides and bridal shops. With a large range of short and long sleeved styles, and many different fabric and colour options available, these shrugs and jackets are a must-have for the new season. All are made in the UK with the same high quality materials as the Blue Ribbon Petticoats range. A full size range is available. Just call (0330 1000 203) or email ( for more information!

SH1-5 SideSH1-6SH1-9 MinkSH1-10 Antique PlumSH2-2SH2-3SH4-6SH4-6 DetailSH4-7SH4-8SH4-8 BackSH5-2SH6-2SH6-2 Brooch